Manage and Promote Parking in Different Types of Events

Organizing an event? Let your visitors know where they can park.

Music festivals, exhibitions, trade shows, sports events. Many people come to events by car, and parking can be a nightmare.

What if, before arriving, people already knew where they were going to park? Maybe you'd like to have a VIP parking area right next to the event, and charge a parking fee in that area. Maybe you want to inform event guests about free parking areas that exist nearby.

With ParkMan, you can:

  • Communicate the location of parking areas to guests
  • Inform guest easily about available paid and free parking
  • Set prices and enable easy payment
  • Partner up with local parking companies for event parking management


Make arrival convenient for guests, and give the best possible event experience!

ParkMan is a digital parking solution that helps you manage your event parking in the best possible way: effortless set-up, more revenue, happier guests and easy, cost-effective payments. When parking is taken care of, you can focus on the event.

EVENT ticket with ParkMan parking